Upcycle Tins

Upcycle Tins with Denim Flowers 2Sometimes I can not bear to toss things in the trash!  It maybe the size, or the material or even a use I can see for an item that any other person would just toss in the trash.  Such is the case with these three little tins.  A gift from my son, brought back from the Bahamas for my husband and I, these tins contained the most delicious little rum cakes . The original tins in this photo:

Original Tins 1

I covered the tins by applying tissue paper and white glue on the base and the lid.  I painted the tins with acrylic paints, covered them with  pieces of scrapbook papers,  and added added the denim flowers on the top.

I knew I did a good job when my daughter asked if she could have them! LOL!

Upcycle Tins with Denim Flowers 2