The fog comes on little cat feet,

It sits looking over harbor and city

on silent haunches and then moves on.

I love foggy mornings and this Friday morning was so foggy, I immediately thought of my favorite Carl Sandberg poem “Fog”  It was in my very first poetry book ” The Golden Picture Book of Poems To Read and To Learn”  copyright 1955, and I cherish it.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Go Gators!


Fun Stuff!!

These bobble head pandas were purchased at Joann Fabrics last week, they are a kids craft project, plain white ready to paint. I could not help myself - had to purchase & paint - too cute!

Imagine that!

Well, never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought I would learn how to shoot a shotgun! But yes, that is me at the Gator Skeet and Trap Club in Gainesville Florida.  And wow – it was fun!  My daughter’s sorority had a father daughter weekend and the main event was going to the Skeet Club and shooting “trap”. The girls had a blast (no pun intended) and at the end of the session the instructor came up to me and convinced me, with much prodding from my daughter and husband , to try shooting.  I was not too enthused but very surprised to find that I actually liked this sport!  We now plan to do more of this and are currently looking for a club near us.  Who knew!! LOL!

Fall arrives

Finally we have some wonderful fall weather!  I am loving it – I can open up the house and enjoy the outdoors.  Just hearing the birds chirping and listening to the leaves rustling makes me feel alive!

I have also been working on my Christmas items to hopefully sell next month and in December.  Unfortunately our craft show was a little slow for me in October.  I just sold a few things and not one Halloween gourd.  Oh well, I sent them off with a friend that has a store & hopefully they will sell.

Enjoy the day!!

Mini Gourd Pumpkin

Gardening. .

this is  something that takes me lots of determination . . . going outside and experiencing the dreadful heat index of 100 plus degrees and the high, high, high humid weather and just knowing before hand how gross I am going to feel in minutes when I depart from the air conditioning.

But for the past three days that is what my hubby and I have been doing – just for three gourd plants.    This all started when a few weeks ago I spotted some gourds spouting up in our grass. I just could not bear the thought of the lawn mower running over them so I very carefully uprooted them and placed them in nice little peat pots. They began to flourish so we decided they needed a proper place to grow and bear fruit – so we cleared a little plot in the back yard and built a trellis.   I am hopeful they will continue to grow and I will have a nice gourd harvest around  December. Here is a look at what we did-

The gourd patch

One of the gourd plants

Peeking through to the gourd patch

This is my favorite orchid! The fragrance is chocolate - yummm !!