Holidays are near….

When I can spend an entire afternoon doing nothing but working in my studio I am so happy !!  And that is what I did today I finished working on Christmas ornaments and some Santas .  Since I had started them before my surgery I just had a few details to complete.  ( big sigh !) Anyway here are a few completed, naturally the recycle/up cycle ornaments and bottles are the most time consuming, and honestly, I think this is the last year for light bulb ornaments.  Although I may create a pattern in case anyone wants to make one.

Gourd Santa Ornaments

Gourd Santa Ornaments

Angel light bulbs

Angel Light Bulb Ornaments

kitty light bulb

Kitty Light Bulb Ornaments

beer bottle santas

Beer Bottle Santas

wine bottle santa

Wine Bottle Santa

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Angels of Light


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The Winter Issue of Art Quarterly has published “Angels of Light”, my creation of Angels made from light bulbs.  Two Angels are featured and a description of how I created each one.  All of the Angels are unique, each one … Continue reading