About Debra Maerz

A mixed media artist and decorative artist, there is not a technique or surface that does not interest me! I should probably be a little more focused but diversity in mediums, surfaces and techniques has kept my interest and creative process expanding over the years. Never one to sit still after art school I dabbled in glass etching in commercial buildings and residential homes. Until the birth of my first child, which way laid my art endeavors for nearly eleven years and I stumbled upon decorative painting. A way to channel my creative yearning even though I was too exhausted to actually "think". Following others drawing patterns and painting instructions decorative painting satisfied my muse until my children were older and I had more energy to devote to my art. Now with an empty nest and the down turn in the economy I have so much more time to entertain my muse with all sorts of creative energy! So stay tuned you never know what you find posted in my blog or for sale in the Etsy shop!

Christmas 2018

Ornaments galore !

Angel ornaments made with recycled light bulbs and also from glass ornaments.

These gourd Santas were not quite finished when I took the photo. I added jingle bells to them and they were so cute ! All sold at the gallery.

These gourd Angels are also so cute ! Only one left at the gallery. Kind of hope she doesn’t sell and I can keep her for myself ! 

Gourd fisherman !

And my favorite a gourd mermaid ! 

Thanks for visiting ! Merry Christmas and my sincere thanks to all those that purchased my ornaments this Christmas Season – onto 2019 may it be a wonderful new year.