Where there is a will –

What would  I do without being able to paint?  I am so thankful for this gift from God that I have been blessed with, and that I was able to develop over the years.  Having had surgery on my left arm a week or so ago really made me realize just how much my art has meant to my everyday existence  I had to keep my left arm pretty much immobile which was very difficult for me to do.  I could not paint, sculpt, sew, or do any of the art related activities that would normally fill my daily afternoon hours.  I did promise myself that for the first week I would be very good, and not try to do anything that might jeopardize the healing process.  So I would walk into my studio and fuss around – lol, trying to figure out if there was something i could do that I would not use my left arm and I found something! Where there is a will there is a way ….

I found three icon paintings, or writings, of Archangel Michael that I had begun and not completed a few years ago.  I set  the first board on a lazy Susan so it could be moved around without any lifting and that worked perfectly.  Mission accomplished I could sit and paint not using my left arm at all.

Here is one of incomplete Icons- by the time my arm is healed I will have them all completed! Ü