Bottles, bottles, bottles

Christmas Carolers

Taking on a challenge is always such fun for me, such was the case when a person asked me to create some Christmas Carolers with a few bottles.  One of the bottles was very special and old, the other two were just given to me to create the trio.  I have to admit it took me awhile to really connect with this project.  I did the normal preparation, washing the bottles, wiping with alcohol, priming them, and then I had to formulate the idea.  I had to figure out if what to do for a head, would they have arms, fabric or just clay, etc. As I would complete one step,  I sometimes would take weeks before I would make another decision.  I finally started to  have everything come together and worked nearly daily for a few months before completion. 

Once a project, or a commission, like this is complete I usually panic a little bit because the person I have made this for has never seen it ! Although,  I was happy with it – will they be happy with it?  Well much to my relief, yes, the person I created these carolers for was very happy with them. 

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Every year we have the Florida Gourd Festival and for the past few years it has been held in Eau Gallie Florida.  The venue is great for me because it is so close to home, but most of the those that attend it love it here too.  There is lots to do besides the festival, nice hotels to stay at and not far from Orlando, so it can be combined with a family vacation.  This year, if accepted,  I will be teaching this Partridge in a Pear Tree ornament.  The students will recive a cleaned, and prepared for painting pear gourd, and basically not have to do anything except apply the paint.  It will have an LED battery tea light that slips into the bottom of and hand made paper leaves at the top.  I may make a few for ornaments to sell this year at the gallery too. 

Well, that is about all for today!  Thank-you for visiting and comments are always welcome !