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A little more southwest ! Years ago I took a class in teneriffe weaving on a gourd, but for some reason it seemed way too complicated so I never did another one. Last Saturday at the gourd meeting we had a class in teneriffe, taught by Fonda Haddad,  and what a difference ! It was more of a free style, and far less math involved so I really did enjoy the whole concept.  The other plus was to bring your own gourd if you chose to do so, which, honestly I prefer because I am so fussy about the way the gourds are prepped. Although, Fonda does not seem as fussy with her gourd prep and I did love her sample gourds. Very natural and so creative. In the past some of the class gourds have been not so great quality, and  I like a good quality gourd and I do like them cleaned on the inside.  So I selected a gourd from my stash and prepped it, and painted a southwest type design on it. The teneriffe weaving completed it, but I think I may add a little more detail  to the painting. I do love the southwest colors.

My “Bountiful Harvest” gourd was selected in the Art and Antique gallery Kaleidoscope 2017 annual art competition but it not place.  I knew when I saw who the judge was that I didn’t have a chance because most of the time fine art curators do not consider gourd art as a fine art but a craft or fine craft. But I was happy to be selected and did receive lots of compliments, so it is all good. She will be on exhibit for the next month.  

Bountiful Harvest

 Hard to believe the first quarter of 2017 is over, and Easter is next Sunday.  A blessed time of year and one of my friends sent me a wonderful little book to read during this Lenten season, Daily Reflections for Lent, Not by Bread Alone by Genevieve Glen,  and I am so enjoying my daily reading. It has made this season even more meaningful.  

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 Alexa has been such an asset to my studio reminding me of some people and places in my life from the past  … ” It don’t Matter To Me ”  by Bread , had not heard that in such a long time brings back some special memories ……………..