A Quilting Project

It has been awhile since I last wrote a post because I have been working on a quilt top. Let me first say I am not a quilter ! I have never made a quilt nor have I ever felt compelled to make a quilt. However, my mother loved to embroider and actually loved any type of needle crafts. She dabbled in crewel, embroidery and all types of sewing project. When we lived in New Jersey our home had an enclosed back porch and that was her happy place. Once home from work in the afternoons I could always find her there stitching something. She did not design herself and purchased kits. So, at one point she embroidered 24 16 x 16 quilt blocks of which I have now put together and created a quilt top !

This was no easy task. Since my Mother had passed away I really had no idea of her vision with these quilt blocks. There were no directions left with the quilt blocks, and I have no idea how they were supposed to go together. I muddled my way through this using the sashings and little corner squares that were left with the blocks and managed, somehow to create a quilt top to fit a queen size bed. With the four quilt blocks left I am going to make a few pillows.

All in all, it was a wonderful learning experience and definitely was a wonderful pandemic project.

Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful and safe day !