Moulin Rouge !

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge was a class offered on the website A for Artistic and it was taught by Ankie Daanen, a international doll artist from Spain. Of course with Covid the class was online but there were great instructions and also a video. The addition of a video was very helpful. I love Ankie’s dolls and was excited to take this, a second online class I have taken with her.

In this class I learned how to use a “hot wire” to create her body. An amazing tool that goes through Styrofoam. The Styrofoam was shaped to create the body and then wrapped with gauze. The head is paper clay over heart shaped foam and sculpted free hand. I just loved creating her boots!! The boots I made differ from the class instructions because I really wanted to have boots true to the 1800’s ladies boots during the Moulin Rouge era. The boots are also sculpted with paper clay, as well as the hands.

The fabric I used for the dress was the most difficult fabric I have ever had to sew. All it did was fray – it was nearly impossible to work with and honestly I nearly gave up. But I just hated to find new fabric because I love the color of this fabric, so I finally worked through the issues and all turned out okay. The lace I had for many years. My Mother loved flea markets and would buy all types of fabrics, ribbons and sewing notions for me when she saw them. I wish she was here to see what I have created with these treasures. I decided to bead the collar, I really wanted to add sequins but the fabric issues prevented that, so I just settled on beads.

My Moulin Rouge doll was published in the winter editon of the online magazine A for Artistic ! I was so thrilled.

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