My latest gourd and a doll too

It has been a slow year for blog entries !  Here are a few completed projects that have kept busy –copper egg shell mosaic copyThis is a pretty good sized gourd for an egg mosaic, nearly 35 inches in diameter and it took a while to complete.  I added a sea grass band at the top and finished it off with a kumihimo braid with beads.  I do love the finished piece.

Gift of the MagiI made two of the Cindy Moyer “Gift of the Magi” dolls.  I just fell in love with this pattern and I am so pleased with the completed dolls.  Here is a close up of the face –IMG_7184The most difficult part of this doll was attaching the mohair, extremely painstaking! The mohair did not want to stick to the glue – a real challenge.

Can” t leave without including the newest family member photo – Dusty she is a sweet golden doodle and we are so happy to have her in our family !

Dustyand here she is with Sam-Dusty & Sam




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