Good Morning!

and wow- the first month of the year is just about over.  Time just seems to fly by the older I get.  I remember when the days seemed so long and the years just went on forever, not so now, blink and we are in a new month.

The art show was my best one yet!  I still feel like an emerging artist though, still so much to learn about setting up the tent and displaying my pieces, but I am getting a little bit better.  I have made a list of things to improve upon and I definitely want to have a different look to my space.

Here is a photo of three gourd girls I made for the show.  I was especially fond of these three because the gourds were grown in my garden right here in central Florida! It was amazing that I was able to grow these gourds let alone harvest hard shelled gourds.

Three Gourd Girls by Debra Maerz

Three Gourd Girls by Debra Maerz

I will sign off today with a photo taken from my front porch of a beautiful sailboat and an except from one of my favorite poets Robert Frost  . . .

SailingAh, when to the heart of man was it ever less than a treason,

To go with the drift of things,

To yield with a grace to reason

and bow and accept the end

of a love or a season.