July 2019

Well, here we are past the half way point in 2019. I am trying to accomplish so many things this year however, I really do not think I will be that successful. I always have such lofty goals at the beginning of the year and then I get to this half way point and well, time to regroup ! Lol !!

I am however, starting to create for Christmas. I decided that starting early this year will allow me to focus on some of my new designs and complete some of the items I didn’t complete last year. I am also working on the new designs to keep me motivated. Cleaning the gourds and adding the paper mache and paper clay is probably the most time consuming part of the process due to the drying process. And since we have been having very hot dry days this is a good time to work on the paper mache and paper clay as well as get some gourd cleaning done. So, with that said it is beginning to look like Christmas in the studio ! Thanks for visiting !! Comments are welcome !