March 2019

The beginning of a new year is so hectic ! Lots to do for year end and also after Christmas I am sometimes so tired from holiday painting that getting motivated to start some new artwork for the gallery is almost impossible. However, I have finally finished these three gourds. They are two tobacco box gourds and one bottle gourd that I have cut, cleaned, painted and embellished with clay, paper and some bling. I was inspired by a kind of McKenzie-Child black and white pattern around where I cut the gourd to hide the cut line on the two tobacco box gourds. The tobacco box gourds had very rough interiors, the green one I was able to get smooth by sanding the interior the one with the pink flowers was very rough so I used a really pretty textured paper on the inside and I love the way it turned out.

All three gourds are now at Eau Gallery in Eau Gallie Florida so stop by and see them in person ! Thanks for visiting !! Ü