Happy 2017 !

As one gets older time seems to go by faster and faster, I can not believe how quickly 2016 went by and it was not the best year, my life has permanently been altered by a few  significant changes, and because of that I have decided to live everyday as if it was my last, for one never knows what the future holds. 

For 2017,  I have made some pretty lofty resolutions, I have not written them down yet but I do plan on doing just that, so I can keep them front and center in my mind everyday and try to accomplish everything by the end of the year.

However, in the near future I am looking forward to the Florida Gourd Festival in February being held in Melbourne again. I will be teaching a class Saturday afternoon if I have at least 8 students, so far I only have 6, so just need two more ! Here is the link for more info – scroll down to find my class, not the best photograph but that is what was posted. 


Here is another image, the two necklaces on either side are the ones that will be included in the class tutorial packet – everything except general painting supplies will be furnished to the students.  Each student will have completed a necklace and bracelet by the end of the four hour class.

That is about all for now, have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017 and keep creating ! 

Thank-you for visiting my site, questions and comments are always welcome.